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This is among the most important reserach we have featured on the NEA.BPD blog.  NEA  recently hosted a Sunday night call-in with head swirlingprofessor and researcher Geraldine Downey, Ph.D.    Vice Provost Downey is a Professor in the Department of Psychology  at Columbia University, and was formerly chair of the Department. She serves as the Director of Columbia’s Social Relations Laboratory.   http://socialrelations.psych.columbia.edu/research

Trained as a developmental psychologist, Dr. Downey has conducted extensive research on rejection sensitivity  in the context of interpersonal relationships.  Listen to part I of Dr. Downey’s presentation and view the accompanying slide below.  Her work reveals very important findings for people with BPD that is the cause of enormous pain and suffering.    Listen to Dr. Downey in Part I here:  downeyI

rejection sensitivity




Dr Downey’s entire presentation and slides can be found by clicking on the link below:   http://neabpd.org/map/resources-news/media-library/call-in-series-archive/